Your questions…

How does it work?

SiteMorph can be installed in any Joomla system (from version 1.5 onwards).


It allows you to migrate your data to the latest Joomla version.

To run the migration, just open SiteMorph in your Joomla admin, click Migrate Your Data and enter the details as prompted. Then click Start Migration. It will migrate all your data, and provide you with a database package, which will be migrated to the latest Joomla version.

What are your plans for the future?

Currently we are adding support to migrate Joomla to other systems, including WordPress and Drupal. This will work in exactly the same way: just run SiteMorph and specify WordPress or Drupal as your target system.

Is this software GPL-licensed?

Yes, and you are free to use the software on as many sites as you like. Where the software is limited, it only relates to updates and support.

Can you migrate third party extension data?

Yes – just run the migration as normal, and import the data to your new system. Then install the latest versions of your third party extensions.


For best results, run the migration, and then import the data before installing any other third party extensions.

I had problems with Virtuemart in the past! Can you update it for me?

Virtuemart has a migration tool of its own, which often doesn’t work, so SiteMorph handles the Virtuemart migration entirely.


To migrate Virtuemart, install SiteMorph on your original system, and ensure you have selected all the vm_ data (or virtuemart_ data for Virtuemart version 2+)

Then run the migration as normal, and when complete, import the migrated data to your new system. Finally, install the latest version of Virtuemart as normal, and ensure you have copied your product images to your new server at /images/product/

How do I get my images to the new system?

Usually you will need to copy your images/ folder from the old server to the new server.

How do I get my migrated data to the new system?

There are two ways of importing your data to the new system.


The easiest way is to start by installing the latest version of Joomla, with a new database. Then, before installing other extensions, install SiteMorph and use the Import Data feature to import your data. Ensure you select all the data you wish to import. You can also select only the tables you wish to import – say if you already ran a migration and just want to re-sync your articles or users, for example.

The alternative way is to open PHPMyAdmin, and import the migrated database package to your Joomla 3 database. This will overwrite any pre-existing data and replace it with the migrated data from your old system.

Help! I can't log in on my new system...

Your users are migrated along with all other data – so once you’ve imported the migrated data, you will need to re-log in with the username and password from your old system.

What exactly is migrated? Does it include users and passwords?

Everything from your old Joomla system is migrated. This includes Users, Passwords, Articles, Categories, custom HTML modules, Menus, Links, Banners – all core Joomla data in fact, as well as all third party data.


Where needed, additional data is also created. For example, if you migrate from Joomla 1.5, the migration will automatically create, configure, and integrate the assets table, which is absolutely imperative for Joomla 3 to work correctly.

All your old data is correctly ordered, so you’ll find your menus are in the right order. And your old content will maintain the same ID, so your old links will continue to work as they did.

We have added support for all third party extensions, but if there’s anything that doesn’t seem to migrate correctly, please write a comment below and let us know.

Do I need to be a coder...? I am just a newbie!

SiteMorph is the easiest software you ever used 🙂 Just install, click Start Migration and it’s done!